Art is Art

Louay Alyoussef

Let’s start only once from the end

Could be wise for truth to unfold;

Exhale’s an effect of lungs-lend;

Start’s a cause-end of breath-hold

Old stuff might also be a start;

Great page; flip a coin to get an art;

Thus art is art; never ever be divided;

Parts or into pieces change; let lose beauty;

Blues might be joy, totally be widened

Or turn into a neutral union of sensibility

Like absurd, well-organized arbitrariness

That of nature an’ life start from endlessness;

A miracle circle; in which man’s thrown to live,

For a short time; as much as to tomb arrive!!!

All is an art of an end-start! It must!

Or a start-end; “Ashes an’ dust to dust….”:

Rust’s a must of a new stage for a skeleton

Changing into blue; the outcome’s a silent-tone

Silent with more mute motion is the song!

The same as birth to which the existence belong

A complete perfect united art… A painting

Like honey’s bees production an’ pain-sting!

Thus natural contrast is what makes it great;

Needless to be classified into types an’ a state;

For it’s a union if man’s touch were not there!

Great are the stars being far the dark share….

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