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On July 15th, 2019, new air passenger protection regulations came into force.

These regulations provide rights for passengers by imposing certain airline requirements in air travel – including standards of treatment and compensation for passengers in the following areas:

1. Communication;

2. Delayed or cancelled flights;

3. Denied boarding;

4. Tarmac delays;

5. Lost or damaged baggage;


The regulations require the passengers to be informed, electronically and on all travel documents, about their rights for:

1. Flight delay or cancellation;

2. Denial of boarding;

3. Lost or damaged baggage; and

4. The seating of children under 14 years of age.

Airlines are required to inform the passengers in case of a flight disruption through an audible announcement, a visible announcement, and via email or SMS if passengers asked for that. It is also required to provide flight status updates every 30 minutes until a new departure time has been scheduled.

Denied boarding

Passengers, who are denied boarding for a reason within the airline’s control and is not required for safety, have a right:

1. To claim compensation based on length of delay at arrival at their final destination. the payment should be made before the passenger’s new departure time or maximum within 48 hours.

2. To be rebooked free of charge, with the same obligations as described for the original flight.

Tarmac delays

During tarmac delays, passengers should be properly treated. This includes access to working lavatories, proper ventilation and heating/cooling, food and drinks, and the ability to communicate with people outside the plane. All free of charge.

The tarmac delay should not exceed 3 hours; otherwise, the plane should return to the gate so that passengers can disembark unless they are prevented for reasons related to safety or security

Lost or damaged baggage

Passengers must file a claim for damaged baggage within seven days after receiving the baggage and within 21 days for lost baggage

Airlines are liable for up to $2100 for lost or damaged baggage and they are required to reimburse passengers for any baggage fees paid.

References: Canadian Transportation Agency

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