Back to School in September Teacher that Made the Grade in style!

Natasha E. Feghali

Who says after school needs be boring?

There’s this unbearable common struggle amongst teachers who need to change for their evenings out or after works since their day wear can be quite conservative. Running into work at 7am with their duffle bag in tote; that comes complete with their evening outfit hiding under their desk and ultimately sneaking into the bathroom at 3pm to do a full-on change for their after work is a life we teachers do know!

Running from work to play and everywhere in between all day long may be murder on your feet, but it doesn’t have to tax your style. Hard working teachers are so busy with school, grading and the curriculum that they sometimes forget to take care of themselves! Educators are so focused on being school appropriate that they can be shy to engage in after work clothing that can be shiny, sparkly or even risqué. The ABC’s of fashion need to be taught to the teachers! Although teachers do dress very well for the work day and are highly regarded for their professionalism it is interesting when they need to do a quick swap for the evening attire.

When deciding what to wear teachers can find most things in their wardrobe. They have all the essential items and need to be more creative when putting an outfit together for the evening. It is important to consider this when shopping as well. We, as educators, buy clothes that can be made into evening, after hours and even party clothes. So many staple pieces that can be found in the closet are excellent transition pieces from our morning wear to our evening attire.

In the end, it’s actually pretty simple to wear the same outfit from classroom to drinks—as long as you have a key foundation piece. Below, I have highlighted the seven most versatile items that require little styling effort to go from day to night.

Here are the 7 TIPS for the A+ outfit!

1. What’s more classically day-to-night than a go-to blazer? Throw one on to automatically dress up or down your ensemble.

2. Got great gams? Show them off in sleek styles. A pair of leggings striped in leather will convert easily between the hours and won’t get too hot as you make the evening light up!

3. A pencil skirt? A crisp, classic skirt defines chameleon dressing: sexy and sophisticated, night and day.

4. Ruffled blouses. These flouncy toppers add a romantic touch to day wear and look just a special into the wee hours.

5. The Shift dress. Whether it’s an afternoon garden party or evening cocktails, you’ll be sitting pretty. The classic shape is playful yet refined, making it a sophisticated choice for both occasions.

6. Dresses form a crucial part of easy-to-wear wardrobes, and there’s nothing more nifty and thrifty than one that doubles as a day-to-night...

7. Make a statement with your jewelry as opposed to the clothes. Bigger is better for evening. You can’t go wrong with a bit of sparkle, especially if your starting point is a simple dress or slacks and cardigan without much embellishment.

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