Be Aware of Scamming

Mina Amer

Newcomers in Canada can be extremely excited for finally arriving in Canada and living the Canadian experience. The transition might be difficult at first; learning about the laws and regulations, the language barrier, and understanding the cultural differences. One thing that they might not take into account is scammers.

Scamming has recently become a big issue in Canada for everyone, but newcomers are easy targets because they are yet to master the language and might be easily tricked into believing that the scamming requests are legit.

Scammers love to use the phone to pursue their scamming goals. Many scammers pretend to be financial institutions to steal your bank information. Others claim to be Canada Revenue Agency threatening to put you in prison for tax purposes where in reality, they are calling to steal your information. Be aware that the CRA never makes threatening calls, so never give any information unless you are one hundred percent sure that it is the actual institution.

Other scammers put “pop-up” windows congratulating you on winning a cash prize, while others pretend to be online-shopping websites waiting for you to give your credit card information. If you think that something is too good to be true (like winning one million dollars for opening a website), do not click on it. You can also avoid being scammed by shopping on a reputable website, such as Amazon.

Always remember that scammers can come up with new creative ways to perform their scam, so be careful!

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