Biden Says His Iraq War Vote Was a “Mistake”

Mina Amer

Having failed in 1988 and 2008, Former Vice President Joe Biden is cleaning his record to get one step closer to win the Democratic presidential nomination for the upcoming elections. Biden will have to justify many mistakes and failures in the past, especially his support for the Iraq war, which was a “mistake” according to him.

“The mistake I made was trusting President Bush, who gave me his word he was using it for the purpose of getting inspectors in to see what was going on, whether they were producing nuclear weapons,” Biden said. He continued saying that his “fault” was seeing a man [Bush] who would never have lied to him.

Many people are pointing out that Biden did not only support the Iraqi war but played a critical role in its occurrence. “If Saddam Hussein is still there five years from now, we are in big trouble,” he told a crowd in Delaware National Guard officers back in 2002. “It would be unrealistic, if not downright foolish, to believe we can claim victory in the war on terrorism if Saddam is still in power.” These quotes show that his problem was with the person of Saddam Hussein, not purely because of possessing nuclear weapons, which turned out to be a lie.

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