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Al Teshuba

Join Today and Have Your Say!

With the resignation of Andrew Scheer as our federal Conservatives Party leader, many are asking, “What is the next step?”

Well, fortunately the Conservative Party of Canada is a grass roots party; meaning that party members (at the grass roots level) get to vote and decide whom our party leader will be in a fair, transparent, and timely manner.

Two years ago, our Windsor-Essex region hosted a Leader’s Townhall Forum, focusing primarily on our local issues. 11 of the 14 Leadership Candidates, either attended, sent a representative, and/or completed our custom Windsor-Essex questionnaire.

Our local members were fully informed, and we voted accordingly on a preferred ballot format. We expect this Leadership Race to be similar, and we encourage everyone whom is interested in having their input on the decision of our next CPC leader (and future Prime Minister), to immediately join the CPC party and to become a member. Visit www.WindsorWestCPC.ca to join (only $15/yr).

Get involved! Join our party, have you say! Our next big AGM is on Thursday Jan 23rd, 6:30pm at the Holiday Inn Conference Room (1855 Huron Church Rd).

All CPC members are welcome to attend.

Hopefully we’ll see you then. It should be a very exciting 2020.


Al Teshuba, 519.259.9322

President- Windsor West CPC EDA

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