Goodbye, Beetle.

Mina Amer

After 80 years of production, the last Volkswagen Beetle left Volkswagen’s factory in Mexico on July 11th, 2019. The first Beetle was made in 1938 as a ‘cheap car’ for the Germans, as was ordered by Adolf Hitler.

The original design of the car - round structure with four or five seats, an almost vertical windshield, and an air-cooled engine in the back of the car - belongs to the Austrian engineer Ferdinand Porsche.

The production of the car was later canceled because of the Second World War, and the factory turned to the production of military vehicles. The car production was re-launched as a civilian vehicle under the supervision of the British authorities. The ownership of the factory was transferred to the German government in 1949, which still owns a part of the company.

Steffen Reiche, the Chief Executive of Volkswagen de Mexico, said that it was a very emotional day, but the company is moving toward making bigger vehicles since they are more popular in the United States. He also added that the last beetle will be sold on as a move toward the future.

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