How to Keep Up When The Going gets Tough

Natasha E. Feghali

We have to face the facts; life is hard sometimes. The number one reason people don’t get what they want is because they give up too soon!

So what does never giving up really mean?

It means believing in yourself. It means willing to accept “failure” so you can learn the critical skill of adaptation. It means not compromising on your most important values, and walking the walk, rather than just talking the talk.

When your pursuing a worthwhile goal and you feel that your energy is low that is the time to never give up. That is when you need to dig your heels in and brace yourself for what is to come both the good and the bad. It is in the tough times that we find ourselves achieving beyond measure.

In this article, you’ll learn that tough times make even the most motivated person consider giving up and this is completely normal. Despite the overwhelming feeling of wanting to just give up, it’s the most important time NOT to.

What makes you want to give up easily

Identifying the reasons why giving up seems like the best option is so important. There are many reasons why people want to give up and each is driven by different motivations. However, there are a few human instincts that come into play here. Sometimes we feel as though we are just not good enough or someone puts us down and we may feel; just not good enough. It is often said that, the moment we decide to give up is the moment just before the breakthrough.

Life is a long or short journey, and that journey happens to be tough sometimes. We get rejected, we do not get a job offer or we feel pain from another life event. Pain is a fundamental part of life and that’s why it’s critical that we learn to stay positive when life gets us down.

Here are my 5 steps to re-energizing yourself when you feel like giving up:

• Mistaking lessons for failure: Not being able to see the roadblock for the lesson it is and keep going anyway.

• The outcome is more important than the journey: Putting more emphasis on the result and dismissing the importance of how you’re getting to the end goal and growing along the way.

• Seeing the failure before it’s even happened: Self-sabotaging yourself by creating the thought that it just won’t happen. This is usually down to limiting beliefs and lack of self-belief.

• Lack of discipline: Realizing that achieving your dream won’t just fall into your lap within a few weeks but will take hard work and determination.

• Not adjusting to changes: Not embracing changes in direction, the need to tweak ideas or finding things evolve differently to how you originally imagined it and taking it as a sign it’s not meant to work out, are showing you that you’re not open to changes and the natural evolution to something even more amazing.

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