How to keep your New Year's Resolution

Natasha E. Feghali

If the idea of making lofty New Year’s resolutions has you feeling overwhelmed, I am here to tell you that even the smallest changes can have a big impact on your life — especially if you can turn them into habits. But the pressure to make a big, bold New Year’s resolution might feel overwhelming. That’s why it is better (and more obtainable) to stick to small, concrete goals that you can easily implement into your life.

Whether you want to improve relationships with others, develop some self love, or expand your world and try new things, we have some resolution ideas that will suit your lifestyle. Just remember that resolutions are personal — they’re for no one else but you. Don’t worry about what other people are resolving to do or what others think of your personal resolutions. Think about the ways in which you really want to improve your life and focus on those things. If you commit to all of these “mini resolutions,” or just one or two, you’re on your way to a better year ahead.

The New Year is now gone, and with the holiday season already behind us many people are indulging in retrospection and revaluating some of their life choices. New Year’s resolutions are the perfect opportunity for all those who have failed to start making the changes that they said they would make next week, next month, or perhaps when the summer starts.

Well, now’s your chance to sit down and evaluate your list of important lifestyle changes– because since most people fail to stick to their resolution, you’ll need all the help you can get. The new year is gone and it’s time to start some resolutions. With the motivation of a new year driving you to succeed, now’s the time to set some goals and stick to them. While you may be worried about your resolutions not lasting, having a clear goal will always deliver more improvements than not. To set yourself up for success, be specific and realistic about your resolutions. Also, remember to reward yourself regularly and not give up after a setback. After all, changing both your behaviour and mindset is never easy, but it certainly is worth the effort.

Here are 8 ways to start your New Year off to the right start!

1. Start a Meditation Practice. There are scientific studies that show the many benefits of meditating.

2. Learn Something New Each Day.

3. Pick Up a Hobby.

4. Play More.

5. Eat Fewer Calories.

6. Write a Business Plan.

7. Move More.

8. Read More Books.

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