ICGO Announces Organization Name Change to Integrative Canadian Group Organization

By Karla Al Najm

To celebrate the sixth anniversary of the establishment of the Iraqi Canadian Group Organization, the Executive Director Khassan Fuad Saka invited a number of political and social figures to a barbecue party held at Bruce Park on August 28, 2020.

The event was a success with more than 30 people attending, and Saka took advantage of this opportunity to announce the official change of the organization’s name to the “Integrative Canadian Group Organization.” The new name aligns with the organization’s commitment and services available to people from all walks of life.

The torrential rains falling throughout the day did not prevent the Mayor of Windsor City, Mr. Drew Dilkins, from attending in person alongside each of:

• Ms. Mirna Cherry - Representative of MP. Brian Massey

• Representative of Member parliament Irek Kusmierczyk of Windsor—Tecumseh

• Mr. Tony Francis for the Conservative Party of Canada

• Mr. Gill Jeewen, Ward-7 Candidate

• Monseigneur Daoud Baffro- Board Member / Chairman

• Mr. Wael Nukasha - - Board Member / Vice President

Saka welcomed his distinguished guests and announced in a short speech a number of new developments affecting the activities of the organization and its administrative structure, “we have officially updated the name of our organization from the Iraqi Canadian Group Organization, to a broader and inclusive name of our services, which is the Integrative Canadian Group Organization. This past year, we have expanded our board and initiatives to include top Professional talents to work collaboratively to better communicate and outreach to the community, and to seek further expansion of our ICGO services, so we can help integrate many more tens of thousands of new Canadians to our beautiful Country Canada..”

On his part, the real estate expert Al Toshiba—and a new member joining the organization’s board of directors—thanked Saka for representing the city of Windsor at the UN meeting that took place late last year, “Khassan Saka did a great job representing our community and representing his organization, ICGO.”

In regard to the new name of the organization, he said, “We are not just an Iraqi Canadian group organization! What we are doing? The biggest thing is to integrate people. The ICGO—now is the Integrative Canadian Group Organization—gives more meaning to the services provided; our next step in providing our services throughout Canada.”

The mayor of the city of Windsor accepted the invitation, met the attendees, and talked about the benefits the new immigrants can gain when contacting organizations that provide the support and assistance needed for a healthy start in a new homeland. He expressed his thanks and gratitude to the Director of the Integrative Canadian Group Organization, “Khassan, thank you very much for your leadership and all you have done over the years.”

He also expressed his personal admiration for the organization’s Executive Director by saying, “He’s always in contact inviting to events, a very positive individual, the kind of person I like to deal with, someone who’s positive about the future, someone who sees the potential, and someone who just sees a better Windsor.”

Paul Borrelli, former Mayor and the new ICGO Director of Community Service Expansion, had his own period of time to speak in which he shed light on a new project through which he seeks to secure a federal grant of $2 million that can provide millions of dollars for taxpayers, and help settle new Canadians and assist them to become accustomed to their new homeland.

During the ceremony, a number of the organization’s volunteers were honored by presenting them with plaques as token of thanks and appreciation.

The plaque of Friendship was also awarded to Member of Parliament, Mr. Brian Massey. Ms. Mirna Cherry received it on his behalf.

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