Integrative Canadian Group Organization Distributing Food Baskets to Support Low-income Families

By Mina Al Akko

The Food Aid Program is an active ICGO initiative aimed to distribute food baskets to our beneficiaries in the province of Ontario. The target cities were Windsor, London, Toronto and Ottawa.

Khassan Saka, the Executive Director of ICGO, stated, “with the funding provided by the Canadian Red Cross, and through the efforts of our volunteers, we were able to successfully distribute 625 food baskets to alleviate the difficult livelihood conditions experienced by low-income people and those whose work was interrupted due to the pandemic.”

Saka explained that this initiative comes within several other initiatives created since the pandemic’s inception. For instance, one of the organization’s initiatives was successfully concluded by sewing and distributing free masks to Windsor-Essex residents. ICGO has also delivered basic life requirements to the elderly community and people with disabilities. Moreover, the organization’s vegetable distribution initiative is on-going on a weekly basis.

Like a beehive, the volunteers worked diligently for long hours to prepare the baskets for distribution. Each basket contained food items that could satisfy one-month requirements for a family of five.

According to ICGO data that were submitted to the Canadian Red Cross, approximately 625 baskets have been distributed, and a total of 2335 people have benefited directly, according to the following:

150 boxes were distributed in Ottawa, aiding 500 people

90 boxes were distributed in Toronto, aiding 310 people

45 boxes were distributed in London, aiding 185 people

340 boxes were distributed in Windsor, aiding 1340 people

The distribution process was performed under the Executive Director’s supervision based on a pre-determined schedule that covered a 2-week period. The beneficiaries were invited to receive the baskets directly, except for the elderly individuals whose food baskets were delivered to their homes.

Saka concluded, “I am very grateful to everyone who has lent a helping hand. Because of your help, we were able to serve our Canadian society and Arab community during these unprecedented times.”

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