Khassan Saka’s Speech at ICGO’s Anniversary Celebration

Greetings. And Thank you all for coming to this wonderful gathering, as we celebrate together six Productive years of community service as the ICGO.

My name is Khassan Saka, President and founder of the ICGO.

I want to thank our local dignitaries for attending, Mayor Drew Dilkens,

Representative of Member parliament Irek Kusmierczyk of Windsor—Tecumseh And Representative of Member parliament Brian Masse of Windsor west. And Mr. Jeewen Gill Ward-7 Candidate.

I want to thank the hard working board of directors, and our volunteers, and all Community leaders and representatives for participating and for all the great work you do. This is quite a moment for the ICGO. In the past 6 years we have served thousands of new Windsor-Essex residents (not just from Iraq, but from original around the world) to initiate into our community. We have assisted with legal documents completions, immigration forms, interpreters, assisted with housing coordination, consultations, community assistance, and many other things, to help welcome new Canadians to our wonderful region, and to make thousands of families have a smoother integration to our wonderful society. As a not for profit organization, the ICGO started years ago by focusing on The Iraqi plight and atrocities of war displaced victims, and we immediately provided our services to everyone (as no one has ever been denied our services), as our goal was to anyone to better integrate to our region. Six years later, we have officially updated the name of our organization from the Iraqi Canadian Group Organization, to a broader and inclusive name of our services, which is the Integrative Canadian Group Organization. This past year, we have expanded our board and initiatives to include top Professional talents to work collaboratively to better communicate and outreach to the community, and to seek further expansion of our ICGO services, so we can help integrate many more tens of thousands of new Canadians to our beautiful Country Canada. Together we have built an incredible base and a wonderful reputation of service and community goodwill, and we have delivered excellent community results.

Thank you again to all, for helping to build and grow the ICGO beyond my

Original expectations. But there is still more we can do. And we have the right team in place to lead us in an expansive growth direction. So it’s a pleasure to announce the joining of Mr. Alfanso Teshuba as the Director of Communications and media community outreach. And Mr. Paul Borrelli as Director of Community Service Expansion.

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