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Today was a typical rainy, gloomy and a rather slow fall day at Azar Jewelers until she walked in. A soft-spoken young woman, in her mid-thirties, dressed in a soft pink sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. A pretty blonde without much makeup. She placed an envelope with papers on the counter with a ring box that was obviously one of our boxes and said in a trembling soft voice:” I really do not want to do this, but I have to”, with her voice choking! “I am here to sell my wedding ring that I bought from your Geneva store. My husband was in a serious car accident and he suffered a severe head injury, and if you will buy it from me, the money will go towards his rehabilitation”... (holding two tears that appeared like pearls in her eyes)..”this is my only option”. And she pulled out a business card with a dollar amount written on the back of the card that my brother offered to buy it back from her for!

I was literally stunned as this tender, amazingly composed woman went on to explain to me, hesitantly, about the situation of her husband and how they both worked as care-takers in the medical field, and now her life changed in a split second to become his care-taker!... while I went on to check that the offer my brother made her few months ago was fair, and it was very much so, and proceeded to buy the ring from her, we kept our conversation going, and the more I tried to console her the more vulnerable she appeared.

She went on to tell me how this incident shattered both her family and his family and how she was trying to pay for his rehabilitation. She even mentioned to me that she took on a roommate to reduce her expenses. I asked her if they have kids and she said “No”, “We just got married and the accident happened in less than a year after our marriage in 2017”, and tears were rolling down her pinkish cheeks by now, and she was fighting them back with a lot of dignity and self-esteem. I was just emotionally frozen. I could not think or function after this wonderful young lady and amazing wife was standing there fighting to help her husband who, from what she said, is improving at a very very slow pace.

I witnessed in my own eyes a lesson about love that no book can teach me today. I followed that woman out of the door of the store listening to what she is going through. It was such a human encounter seeing someone trying to smile while tears are rolling from her eyes!!

All day long I could not stop thinking how vulnerable we all are, and how lucky and blessed we are every day we and our loved ones have our health.

I also reflected that there is still a lot of genuinely good people out there and life is still beautiful, and we can learn so much from one another...

Today I feel that I met a true hero..

I pray that her husband gets better..

By the way, she kept her thin diamond wedding band on her finger, and she said “this will be good enough for now... I don’t want to part with it” as she looked at it with a lot of hope...

... And we think we have problems...

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