Paul Borrelli’s Speech at ICGO’s Anniversary Celebration

By: Paul Borreli

Thank you all for the introduction. Appreciation and recognition must be given to Khassan for his impeccable performance as executive director and visionary for the ICGO. I also give thanks to all the local dignitaries, the volunteers, our board and guests for attending today’s event.

A few months ago, I was honoured by Khassan and Al to consider the position of ICGO Director of Community Service Expansion. I extend my gratitude to the the board of Directors for unanimously approving me for this very important role that aims at expanding the ICGO services throughout Canada.

As Khassan stated, the ICGO provides a multitude of integrative services for our new Canadians in Windsor-Essex. The ICGO was founded right here in Windsor-Essex which prides itself for being one of the most diverse communities in Canada. Windsor-Essex has in recent years become the location of choice for new immigrants propelling rapid population and economic expansion for the region. Hence, this phenomenon has created a need for various services and accommodations.

More specifically, for instance, ICGO provides services such as assisting with immigration forms, translations, language education, consultation, habitation process, tax forms and conflict resolutions, just to mention a few.The ICGO specializes in integrating new families into the community by providing these services to enable them to become productive Canadian citizens in their adopted homeland. The services are available in a cost effective manner that is not normally financially feasible by traditional government agencies. The ICGO has the know how, experience, skills and proven performance to be a very efficient provider.

My role, now, is to expand the services that the ICGO has successfully developed and implemented for our local region. The new objective of the ICGO is to make available services to new Canadians on a Canada wide basis through Windsor’s ICGO central office.

The various service needs can all be handled across Canada with the use of phone and internet technology now readily accessible. Creating a robust comprehensive integrative service for all new Canadians is the main objective and goal of an expanded ICGO headquartered in Windsor Ontario.

However, to service immigrants Canada wide, from Windsor’s central office, is an enormous task and undertaking. It will require proper facilities, state of the art equipment, Canada wide networking set up, coordination, adequate and knowledgeable personnel and proper leadership.

Therefore, the ICGO, through our committee’s leadership on this initiative, is constructing a detailed grant proposal for submission to the federal government for $2 million dollars. We believe the ICGO, as a nationwide non-profit organization, can save taxpayers millions of dollars, while providing an essential service that will help settle new Canadians and assist them to become accustomed to their new homeland.

We are a country of immigrants, and we cherish such. The ICGO has a great track record of community integrative services for Windsor-Essex. It is hoped that an application and grant proposal approval from the federal government can foster a win-win-win for all concerned.

New Canadians will win from having access to vital integrative services,

taxpayers and government will win with a cost effective implementation of such services, and the ICGO will win by now being able to provide more services to many new Canadians for years to come.

The ICGO is hopeful that with the aid and cooperation of the federal government, the establishment of a Canada wide integrative system will help position Canada as a great place to live and a most desirable place to immigrate.

There will be more news to follow in the near future as we move

forward and make progress.

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