Should Technology be Used in Schools?

Mina Amer

If you were a member of the good old days, the school education system was based on pen and paper, from taking notes to writing exams. Nowadays, the school system is based on advanced technologies; students spending most of their time on iPads, using calculators for simple math problems, or using computer devices for writing essays.

A new study by the Reboot Foundation is suggesting that using technology in schools, especially elementary schools, may be negatively correlated with students’ achievements, more specifically because students are becoming more reliant on technology for even the simple tasks. Students now prefer to punch a few numbers in a calculator to do simple math, and the spelling ability is believed to be going down a slippery slope because of relying on things like spell checkers and autocorrect.

“Our analysis shows that schools should limit computer use, and technology may be the least helpful for younger students still mastering some of the fundamentals of reading and writing,” said Helen Lee Bouygues, president of the Reboot Foundation.

It is important to always remember than correlation is not causation. Just because the foundation has found a correlation between technology and reduced students’ achievements, it is not very clear that technology is the indeed the causative agent.

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