Speaking Up for Windsor-Essex Issues

Al Teshuba


Since our local NDP representatives are NOT in any senior level of government positions, their abilities to effectively speak up for Windsor to the real decision makers in government is very limited. (Some would say virtually impossible).

The current Ontario PC Ford government (and all their Ministers and MPP’s assisting in such Ministries) hold the power to make important budget and policy decisions. The same can be said with federal Liberal MP’s, and likely to be in next federal government, the Conservative Party of Canada MP’s and potential leader.

This is why, it is very very important for all residents of Windsor-Essex to speak up and advocate for our local issues, whenever we get a chance to speak to such powerful MP’s and MPP’s directly. Whenever they come to visit, the regular grassroots citizens of our great region can help to be our direct friendly voice to those whom have the power to shape policy and budgets....and the more our

visiting guests know and care about our local issues, the better it is for all of us in the short term and long term prosperity of our region. Windsor is the start and gateway of Ontario and Canada! A prosperous Windsor-Essex means a prosperous Ontario Province and a prosperous country! So don’t be shy to speak up and champion our issues whenever you can.

I feel it is our civil duty as proud residents of Windsor-Essex to speak-up and advocate for our unique beautiful region. The time and place to contribute to do so, is in a positive setting when the opportunity to share ideas for such with visiting powerful government (or future government) representatives, come to visit our region.

In January 2020 for example, I had three such opportunities as potentially the next leader (next PM) of the Conservative Party, Erin O’Toole, had a wonderful Meet and Greet in Windsor. Next, Provincial Minister Monte McNaughton and Rick Nicholas had a local round table luncheon. Shortly afterwards, Stan CHO, MPP and assistant to the Minister of Finance, was in town to have local budget consultations for the upcoming Provincial budget.

These are excellent opportunities to speak-up and advocate for our local issues, local industries and to have a direct real voice to powerful and influential representatives.

Below are local Windsor-Essex sample topics to proudly share and advocate for, next time you get a chance to speak with such representatives accordingly. (Not in any particular order).

- Ensuring Windsor-Essex Mega hospital $2B+ funding is in place

- HWY 3 Infrastructure funding, including roadway to all USA bridge crossings

- Advancing Agriculture prosperity

- Consider extending High Speed rail to Windsor (which can then link to USA with existing 100+yr old under water corridor, to connect to 50 million Americans within 1 hour away)

- Advancing Single Sports Betting (so our casino can better compete with Detroit casinos)

- Advancing programs/funding to assist with new immigrant transitions and for seniors (of which Windsor has higher per capital of each wonderful group)

- Advancing our local tourism tours/locations of historical significance.

- ADVANCING AUTOMOTIVE AND MANUFACTURING PROSPERITY (with focus on the future of electric vehicles, and to attract new investment/jobs)

Each of us have a voice and love for our region. Let’s share it when we can accordingly, to advance our region together.

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