Study Finds Common Cold Virus Can Infect The placenta

By Dr. Amir Petrus Dawood

The common cold virus can infect cells derived from the human placenta, according to a

study which suggests that it may be possible for the infection to pass from expectant mothers to their unborn children. The researchers, including those from Tulane University in the US, said the placenta - an organ that develops in the uterus during pregnancy - acts as a gatekeeper, providing essential nourishment from a mother to a developing fetus while filtering out potential pathogens. The study, published in the journal PLOS One, noted that this barrier isn’t as impenetrable as once believed with recent studies showing how viruses such as Zika can slip through its defenses. “This is the first evidence that a common cold virus can infect the human placenta,” said study co-author Giovanni Piedimonte from Tulane University. “It supports our theory that when a woman develops a cold during pregnancy, the virus causing the maternal infection can spread to the fetus and cause a pulmonary infection even before birth,” Piedimonte said. Researchers have shown that a common cold virus can infect cells derived from human placentas suggesting that it may be possible for the infection to pass from expectant mothers to their unborn children. Using donated placentas, researchers isolated the three major cells types found in placentas ,and exposed them in vitro to the virus that causes the common cold. “These cells don’t die when they’re infected by the virus, which is the problem,” Piedimonte said. “When they move into the fetus, they are like bombs packed with virus. They don’t disseminate the virus around by exploding, which is the typical way, but rather transfer the virus through intercellular channels.” Researchers suspect the virus could attack lung tissue within the fetus, causing an infection that may predispose offspring to developing asthma in childhood. Piedimonte plans to launch a clinical study at Tulane to further test the theory. Journal information: PLoS ONE Serving humanity was the first motive and mission for the Iraqi Canadian Group Organization. In coordination with Downtown Mission Windsor it Started the Program #weDeliver. It’s been 2 weeks now the ICGO and The Downtown mission new Location on Ouellette AVE working side by side to serve the community in Windsor by distributing and delivering food for seniors and many people are “high-risk” to the virus and unable to leave their homes. Khassan Saka the director of ICGO and his team of volunteers ben driving in the city deliver the bags for those who needed after publishing in social Media about this service April 14, 2020. Mr. Saka Director of the ICGO extended his thanks and appreciation to the Executive Director of downtown mission in Windsor and all the staff on the front lines. And singled out his deep thanks to Mr. Atef Ramo who contributed greatly to the success of this mission

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