Things You Need to Know About the New OHIP Changes

Mina Amer

The government of Ontario, headed by Doug Ford, promised to eliminate what they described as ‘ineffective’ medical tests in order to cut the costs of the health care system and ‘result in $83 million/year savings.’ The Ontario government claimed that these changes will ‘improve the quality of patient care,’ but the Ontarians’ response to the changes has been ranging from ambivalent to strongly against.

The OHIP change did indeed take effect later in 2019, so here are some of the things that will no longer be covered by OHIP:

1. Infertility diagnosis testing (post-coital testing of cervical mucous)

2. Imaging of most sinus problems

3. Unnecessary hip and knee CT/MRI scans

4. Unnecessary laryngoscopy services (larynx examination)

5. Urine pregnancy tests performed in clinics will not be covered unless it were used to prevent patient harm

6. Ear-wax removal (when not medically required)

7. Physician fees for house calls will only be covered when absolutely necessary

8. Loop recorders (devices that monitor heart disorders) will no longer be covered

Furthermore, under the recommendation of a physician-led group, Ontario residents will not be able to obtain out-of-country hospital care funds; therefore, it is recommended to purchase individual travel insurance when travelling outside of Canada.

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