We Need Joy

Khassan F. Saka

The appearances of national, religious and social holidays are not the same as they were during the past years, which drew my attention to this matter, what I saw in a number of banks in the city of Windsor

There is no Christmas tree’s, no lights, or decoration sign of celebration that we use to see every year at the Christmas time or the Holidays.

We all have a duty to our children and young people to celebrate, to bring joy and happiness on every occasion to our children.

Holidays it’s occasion for joy, giving, and a beautiful human interaction,

For example: Christmas for Christians is a religious occasion in which we should rejoice without forgetting our needy Humans and the poor who need their comfort.

Canada, is a beautiful country and

Canada is the homeland of freedom and peace, and we have to be optimistic the longer the holiday Expel pessimism and depression are always children of hope and hope.

Happy New Year, and God Bless Canada, and all Countries.

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